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Welcome to Yokosuka-Pedia Home Page

This Wiki site is designed to be a helpful repository of information for service members stationed in, or PCSing to Yokosuka Japan

Why not use Facebook

I created this site because I cannot stand the amount of mis-information that is so prevalent on the many facebook groups. While most of the posts are made with good intentions, there are many times that the posts are nothing more than inaccurate opinions made by disgruntled service members or spouses that don't truly understand the entire situation. This is my attempt at providing a central repository for quality information. Just like Wikipedia, though- this site is only as good as the contributors. I highly encourage people to take the time and research all the details surrounding every situation and post the information here in a clean organized fashion.

If you are not sure where to find the information- That may be a time to reach out on facebook, but when you have completed the research and are ready to post it for the better of everyone, then you can post it here. Self-moderating sites like this can be very successful as long as all the contributors use the same due diligence to get the root of all the information.

What you can find here

  • Information on the PCS process
  • Moving/Living here with Pets
  • Things to do while stationed here
  • Military sales and special deals (not necessarily limited to Yokosuka)
  • Recommended Businesses (Pet grooming, Massage, Vehicle Sales) Name and location only use Yelp or other site for reviews of the business

Rules and Information

  • This site is designed for use of Service members assign to, or PCSing to Yokosuka Japan
  • Posts should be factual in nature supported by some form of evidence. Virtually everything in the military has a guiding instruction or policy, reference that source document in everything you post
  • Opinions are allowed, but should be clearly stated as such, and provide information that influences your opinion
  • No slander, vulgarity, whining, or other childish behavior is accepted. This is not a site to rant, vent or otherwise error your dirty laundry.
  • Try to keep the site organized. Pages should be limited to a single topic or spawn into sub-pages when appropriate. Site moderator will assist in maintaining hierarchy of site.

OPSEC Guidelines

  • OPSEC is paramount- any post made in violation of OPSEC will be immediately deleted and appropriate actions taken against person posting. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to post anything that could violate OPSEC. Examples of violations include:
 -ANY ship's name (Homeported or visitor) of any country
 -Dates and times of anything associated with the military, including ceremonies, ship's events, change of command, arrival of VIPs. About the only thing allowed is dates/times of base services like NEX hours.
 -Names, ranks, assignments of any military member
 -Phone numbers, email addresses or other contact information for any military member or unit. The only contact information allowed are those numbers already publicly available on CFAY website.
 -Discussion of any military operation including military exercises, community events, or deployments

Posting and editing

  • Most pages are open for editing, at the discretion of the site moderator a page may be locked from editing to preserve the site content
  • Users MUST register in order to obtain an account to enable editing. Anonymous users are prohibited from making edits
  • Some pages (or edits) go directly to a moderator to be reviewed prior to posting. This is a necessary step to prevent OPSEC violations
  • All Posts are subject to editing/deleting by the site moderator
  • When possible, provide a link to the official source of information (on CFAY's website) so users learn the appropriate place to find the answer.

Formatting help and Technical Guidance


  • This is not my full time job. I have a real day job, I am just maintaining this in the evenings when I have time. If you have experience with this kind of thing and would like to help out, please contact me directly and I can approve higher user rights for you.
  • This is not a CFAY approved/sanctioned website and can be taken down at any time with no reason.
  • Please respect the time and effort put into the content by the contributors. If you have an opinion, edit or correction feel free to contact the person who made the contribution and work it out. Users who engage in unsavory content bashing will be removed from the site.